We are extremely proud to say we are now offering a fantastic dry carpet cleaning system from the worlds number one in carpet cleaning, Host. Carpets are safe and dry to walk on straight away and are completely safe for pets. Why not let the flooring experts at Carpets At Home dry clean your carpets? We promise the results will amaze you!

Host is a dry carpet cleaning system that carries the liquid ingredients to the carpet fibres in a controlled way. The soft, organic natural host sponges contain all the necessary liquid to dissolve and absorb both water based and oil based dirt. It’s moistened with water and a blend of environmentally friendly ingredients. There is no need for the customer to supply any water and there is no waste water to get rid of.

The cleaning technology lifts the pile and helps revive flattened and dulled out carpets. Due to no water being required you can have peace of mind that there will be no shrinkage or colour loss. Your carpets are ready to use again in minutes, not hours! The Host cleaning system leaves no chemical residue behind to attract dirt and re-soiling therefore carpets stay cleaner for longer than with any other cleaning method.

The Host system removes dirt and reduces allergens. Research studies have shown that one cleaning reduces dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergen by 75%, cat allergen by 85% and mould spores by 85%.

Host is approved by carpet manufacturers and fibre producers worldwide.

Give us a call or pop in to our showroom for more details!

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